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What To Expect From The Best Private Tours Hawaii Has To Offer

Sometimes, when you plan your vacation to Hawaii, you make the decision to splurge a little. Travel agents will encourage this splurge to buy a first-class ticket, a fancy hotel, or a private guided tour as opposed to a group tour. You probably ignore the thought of “that’s a lot of money” right when you click “Confirm Payment” and look forward to having more room on the plane, having a bigger room at the hotel, or learning the culture a little easier with a privately guided tour. On the island of Oahu, Hawaii, locals definitely recommend spending that extra money on private custom tours. There’s just so much to see and do on the island, from visiting pearl harbor to enjoying the beaches on the North Shore, you definitely do not want to rush your experience. You’ll definitely want to treat yourself to private tours in Hawaii, and there are many options for Oahu private tours to choose from.

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The best part of being in the middle of an ocean is that you have all the opportunities for shore excursions like learning or practicing your paddleboard, kayak or surf skills! If you’re not up for the challenge of those things, you can enjoy whale watching or a yoga session by the beautiful beaches that some tours offer. Plan your private tour for family fun and ease their nerves when trying paddle boarding or kayaking since there aren’t other people watching them unlike with group tours. Private tours offer one on one interaction, strengthening the bond between your group and your tour guide. With full CPR, First Aid, and Ocean Rescue certifications, your safety is your experienced guide’s priority. Not just that, but each guide is also a professional photographer with the goal to get the best shots of your group enjoying the ocean.

Take one of the “hottest” private tours of a lifetime and explore Kilauea Volcano, the world’s most active volcano. Fret not, your professional tour guides will lead you to the surface flows below. Depending on many factors including eruption conditions and popularity, these tours usually need to be booked two weeks in advance. Unlike other tours, this one may not be as luxurious, as Kilauea guides say that groups will be sweaty, dirty, and tired from hiking on the ever-changing terrain of the volcano. However, this is one of the unique nature tours that will be worth it – it’ll be a sightseeing tour that you will not forget. Just remember to bring water as you learn and observe Kilauea!

If you prefer a more laid back tour and have multiple points you want to visit, Blue Hawaii Private Tours offers customized tours with an itinerary that suits your needs and can definitely fit in the active tours mentioned. Before picking you up from either your hotel, cruise port or even the airport, Marie will have had your day tour or half-day tour customized to your group’s exact needs. Rather than rushing at every site, this privately guided tour gives you time to enjoy and relax at the stops with photography advice from your guide. Besides the customized itinerary, Blue Hawaii Private Tours accommodates any needs your group has including car seats in the passenger van for young children. Discover Hawaii with a local guide who will share secrets and hidden gems along your private tour in Oahu. It’s always good to splurge a little for your vacation!

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