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Honolulu: Private Tours Or Group Tours?

Honolulu, the largest city in Hawaii, is the racing pulse of the third largest island of Oahu. Tours of Oahu offer millions of foreign visitors the chance to see gorgeous beaches, historic landmarks, fine dining, and shopping. This large number of tourists created a tourism industry that revolves around the many must-see sites and events to make the most of your time on vacation. However, not everyone travels the same way and researching the best ways to spend your time is a great way to plan your trip.

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You have to consider if you want to stay on the island or go on a cruise that stops in Hawaii, the accommodations if you do stay on the island, which places you want to visit, and how you’re going to visit. Navigating around foreign places isn’t that easy and some choose to be a part of a tour group that covers most of the popular destinations. Others choose to explore on their own to avoid the full schedules and crowds. Both have their pros and cons, and it’s important to consider what you would like to do during your visit.

Honolulu Guided Tours
There is no shortage of choices for guided tours in Honolulu. Whether you want a sightseeing tour and see the beautiful landscapes like Diamond Head around the island, a heritage tour to visit museums, memorials, and cultural centers like Pearl Harbor, or even participate in active tours with water activities like surfing or snorkeling on the North Shore, there’s probably a perfect guided tour for you. When you join a guided tour, the big group and the lead guide offer a safer experience. Local guides know their way around and know just how to maneuver visitors. However, when you travel among such a big group with cameras, backpacks, and an awe-inspired look on your face, people can probably guess that you’re a tourist and you just might be a target for pickpocketing. Even so, guided tours offer friendship with multiple groups like families or couples and the guide.

Honolulu Private Tours
As an alternative, you can also choose a private guided tour to explore Honolulu. Private tours in Honolulu may lean towards the more expensive side, but for those who chose this option, the extra money spent will be worth it. At first glance, some may be wary of choosing a private guided tour because of “stranger danger”, but with the proper research, you can find trusted tours with enough reviews to ensure your safety. With a private guided tour, you have full control over what you visit and your guide will have customized the tour just for you. Not only that, but you will have a more intimate experience as you will not have to share your guide with more people – giving you the experience of exploring with a close friend. Your guide can give you local knowledge of the sites that other guided tours cannot.

Blue Hawaii Private Tours offers that exact experience. Marie, a local to the area, offers everything from pickup from at the airport, cruise port, or hotel, to accommodations for everyone in your party whether it’s a car seat or wheelchair in their passenger vans. With a choice between a half day or a full day tour, you get to choose where you visit. As your personal private guide, Marie gives tips for the best shots in the best areas. You can choose from sightseeing tours or food tours – Marie knows the best spots for both. If you want an intimate and full experience of Honolulu, Blue Hawaii Private Tours and their Oahu private tours might just be for you.

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