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Private Oahu Snorkeling & Kayaking Tours

Quick Details

Private Tour - 5 Hours
1-2 People
3-4 People

Experience Another World  Snorkeling in Oahu

We take you on a guided kayak tour where you experience the breathtaking beauty of Oahu from the unique perspective of the water. Learn some basic paddling skills while you learn about the wildlife that inhabits our oceans, reefs, and beaches.

Or go snorkeling with us and explore our crystal clear blue waters. Look for our state fish – the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a – and learn how to say its name! Our guides love the water and look forward to taking you on an extraordinary adventure.

We offer a variety of Oahu snorkeling and kayaking tours that we suggest based on your fitness level and interest. All of our tours are classified as for beginners (easy) to advanced beginners (more challenging than easy).

Locations are dependent upon ocean conditions. Please email or call us and we will select the experience that best suits you. Water tours are available Monday through Friday.


We reserve the right to cancel in the event of unfavorable conditions. We will reschedule or refund. Safety is our priority.

Book more than one tour and  save $75 on the second tour.