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Day Trip To Hawaii

The lava is flowing and our New Zealand photographer friends wanted to do a one day trip from O’ahu to Hawaii to photograph this spectacular display by the Goddess Pele. We caught the last plane to Hilo at 6:00pm, checked into our hotel. had dinner then set alarms to the early morning hour so we could catch the Sunrise lava boat tour. On this morning the other small boat carried the Discovery Channel crew.┬áSince the latest flow began last August I’ve been coming every month to photograph this amazing sight by boat and helicopter. The best way to experience this is by boat. You can get real close for those dramatic shots. The lava boat brings us within 50 feet of the action. Afterwards we head into Pahoa for breakfast and grab a sandwich for later as we head to Volcano National Park for the rest of the day until we catch the 8:00pm plane back to O’ahu. What a fantastic day.

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